Saturday, April 19, 2014


She is getting so BIG so FAST!! She is quite the playful little girl now! :)

She loves posing for the camera!

She was ready to pounce!

It's playtime!! 

Then she became very interested in chewing on her tail and her paws.

Uh oh! I can’t handle how cute this little kitty is! She can't even handle her own cuteness!!

But most importantly, she wants you all to have a very wonderful, happy, and joyful Caturday – not just today but every day!!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Now that the weather has finally started to warm up, I have spotted a pair of chipmunks in the backyard. They especially love this tree which has some hollow parts that they constantly run through to hide from me. They seem interested in me and my camera, but ultimately still pretty scared. I occasionally leave a piece of old bread on the patio for them to nibble on if they are feeling brave enough to come so close to the house. I am hoping that they won’t continue to be as afraid of me if they realize that I am feeding them. I have noticed that this is also a good way to provide entertainment for Penny, our cat, who isn’t allowed to go outside. She likes to sit at the patio door for hours watching everything that goes on behind the house. Sometimes she gets in pouncing position and jumps at the glass which provides entertainment for me. :)

I thought it was especially cute when this little chipmunk grabbed it's tail in it's tiny little hands and proceeded to clean the whole things by licking it. It was seriously adorable!! It was all I could do not to drop my camera and squeal!! :)