Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Australian Adventure

 I stopped by the aquarium on my second zoo trip.  It looked the same and of course I had to capture the beauty of the sharks.  I didn't stay as long as I thought I might because there were screaming kids which seemed to be amplified by the fact its such a small, dark space to be in.  I'm actually pretty good at blocking out noise and even stuff going on around me, but I was pulled out of it when a kid stepped into my shot so I relocated, but it happened again, so I left.  I really didn't mind too much because I wanted to get home anyways and with my pass, I'll be back there very soon again.  I have been shocked at the shear number of school buses there the first two times I went.  But again, we have an awesome zoo and I am glad that others recognize that and want to be there too to support it.  😊

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